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  • A basic question on bean creation.

    I have one fundamental question on dependency injection.

    Assuming I have two beans definition

    <bean id="SessionFactory"
    		scope="singleton" lazy-init="false">
    	<bean id="ObjectMain"
    		scope="prototype" autowire="constructor" lazy-init="false">
    		<constructor-arg index="0" value="SessionFactory" />
    Now if this class testSpring object is created using the getBean call of the ClassPathXMLApplicationContext and if there are two constructor one with no parameters and one with SpringFactory as a parameter which one shall be called?

    I am asking this coz I have tried Autowiring the overloaded constructor with the SessionFactory object as
    HTML Code:
    it still does not calls the overloaded constructor.

    Any help?

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    I found the issue there. I was loading the wrong XML an had used annotation as well, so it was defaulting to annotation where in there was no definition of the injected bean.

    Thanks, anyways!