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Spring Modules forum decommissioned in favor of Spring Extensions

As the Spring Modules project has been replaced by the Spring Extensions ( project, this forum has been decommissioned in favour of Spring Extensions one at:

Please see the Spring Extensions home page for a complete list of current projects in Java, .NET and ActionScript. You can also propose one if you want.

Costin Leau
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  • forking spring-modules

    I have emailed various people and even emailed suggesting an extensions project as described on the Spring site[1] but haven't had any responses.

    As Spring Modules has been officially declared dead [2] and i'm not getting nay replies to my mails I would like to fork the project into git-hub and get some vital patches applied - particularly on my area of interest - the cache module. I also would like to migrate the whole project to maven.

    I'm posting here to get any thoughts or suggestions regarding this - hopefully a response from someone at Spring - particularly Colin Yates.

    Let's get this useful software moving again!

    I am working on the import into git now...

    Regards, Antony.

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    [1] -
    [2] -


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      What's the difference between Spring modules and Spring extensions?

      From the linked FAQ, it sounds like the goal is to port what was Modules into Extensions. What's the difference between the two, how hard would porting be, and would that mean we're more likely to get desiderata like Maven integration?


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        yeah that's what I thought. But there's been no effort it seems, spring-module has been effectively dead for over a year, and I've had no response to any of my emails to Spring, Colin, or the rest of the project leads.
        AFAIK there isn't much difference.
        My first choice would be to port to extensions - but like I said - no responses.
        Regarding Maven - yes, I hope they're using that for extensions...


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          Thanks. Apart from that one is officially dead and the other isn't, what's the difference between the two?


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            extensions doesn't contain anything from modules.
            I find that really strange. They don't explain why they didn't start with porting everything from modules...


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              That is very strange.

              Have you any idea what sort of difference between the two they had in mind when they launched Extensions? What failing in Modules is it supposed to address, and how?


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                Ok guys - the project is up on git-hub!

                Install Git! -

                To download an anonymous repository run or sign up with git-hub and get your personal account!

                Let the patching begin!

                From the Wiki page: """
                This is a resurection of the extremely valuable and abandoned Spring-Modules project.

                The plan is to fully embrace Maven as the build tool and eventually throw out all the old build code.

                At this point, all the old jar libraries and generated documentation have been pruned from the repository history.
                This pruning has reduced the size of the repository from 95m to 7m. Nice.

                The idea will be to slowly add one by one, as the are compile ready, to the parent module section, so they can be included.

                Msg/email me on [email protected] to discuss!

                I will try and get a development mailing list setup asap, but for now, email me on [email protected] with the [subject spring-module-fork] and I'll start building a manual list.

                One thing I want to discuss is ow we can organise the issues on jira :/ I still have had no response from Spring.

                The only info I know is what's on the extensions page and in the extensions forum.