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  • Problem in integrating spring-module-jcr and jcrom

    Hi all,
    Is there anyone here try using spring-module-jcr with jcrom and have success?
    I have tried like this.
    MyService {
    doSomething {
    Jcrom jcrom = new Jcrom();
    Dao myDao = new DaoImpl(getSession(),jcrom);

    getSession() {
    SessionFactoryUtils.getSession(this.sessionFactory ,true));
    It success and doSomething is transactional.
    Then I want to myDao is managed by Spring then I declared Dao like
    class DAO extends AbstractDAO<T> {
    DAO(Jcrom jcrom,SessionFactory sf){
    But it fails .
    I think there is difference between SessionFactory.getSession() and SessionFactoryUtils.getSession(sessionFactory,true ), the later do something in the background but I don't know right now.
    Besides, when declaring jcrSessionFactory i have specified sessionHolderProviderManager that is JackRabbitSessionHolderProvider. Its API doc have said that it's used for transaction support.
    I'm using jcrom 1.3.1, jackrabbit 1.4.5, spring 2.5.5, spring-module-jcr 0.8a,0.8b, 0.9.

    Could you tell me what i'm wrong here or is there other way to integrate jcrom and spring-module-jcr.
    Many thanks,