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As the Spring Modules project has been replaced by the Spring Extensions ( project, this forum has been decommissioned in favour of Spring Extensions one at:

Please see the Spring Extensions home page for a complete list of current projects in Java, .NET and ActionScript. You can also propose one if you want.

Costin Leau
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  • jBPM integration for dummies

    Dear jBPM/SpringModules Expert(s),
    I have looked over the threads concerning jBPM integration, however they all seem to start from a place which is further along than the "beginning." I have integrated many components into Spring over the last two years and have learned that it makes sense to "do it right the first time", as opposed to hacking, guessing, and following examples that are not necessarilly done right (which leads to much refactoring that could have been avoided). Could you create and/or point me to a pedantic and thorough, step by step configuration of jBPM/springmodules. If this does not exist already, and wish to explain said integration in your response, please be sure to assume that I have absolutely no knowledge of the install (this always seems to be an issue with integration instructions...). This would be much appreciated.
    Joel Lindheimer

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    Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to work on the jbpm example though the documentation covers all the existing points. Note that Spring-Jbpm is an integration module - that is you should be familiar with Jbpm which by itself comes with a lengthy documentation and examples.
    I would advice you to start from there and then move to the Spring integration (after you realize that you actually can benefit from it).


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      No problem...

      I ended up integrating it in the way I thought made sense....


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        Could you please post some of your experiences for other n00bs taking a look at jbpm + spring and looking to go down the right path the first time? I'm sure I'll find a way that makes sense, but if you have some good started code I'd love to see some ideas! Thanks!



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          Demo App Posted

          No one had one to share, so I'll post mine now that I figured it out... somewhat. VERY rough demo app posted here:

          There is no identity integration yet, but the app runs with Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Transactions. More info on the wiki page.

          Let me know if there are any issues with getting it running -- I haven't done extensive testing. Hope this helps some people get started...