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  • Configuring iBatis with JavaConfig

    I am trying to figure out howto convert the following Spring bean xml to the new JavaConfig method:

    HTML Code:
    <bean id="sqlMapClient" class="org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientFactoryBean">
     	<property name="configLocation" value="/WEB-INF/classes/db/ibatis/sqlmap-config.xml"/>
     	<property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>
    The datasource was easy to figure out, but i can't figure out howto pass the resource in. Any ideas?
    	public DataSource dataSource(){
    		JndiObjectFactoryBean jndi = new JndiObjectFactoryBean();
    		return (DataSource) jndi.getObject();
    	public SqlMapClient sqlMapClient(){
    		SqlMapClientFactoryBean sql = new SqlMapClientFactoryBean();
    I forgot to note that this is a web app running inside Jetty.
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    This one is a little tricky. setConfigLocation() accepts a Resource object. Usually when using XML the creation of the Resource object is done automatically for you by a PropertyEditor (type converter) that translates the String that you provide into a ServletContextResource object.

    You need to do this manually in the case of JavaConfig.

    The trouble with doing so, is that a ServletContextResource needs not only the path to the file ("/WEB-INF/..."), but also needs access to the ServletContext object from Jetty. You can get hold of this by having your @Configuration class implement Spring's ServletContextAware interface.

    public class WebAppConfig implements ServletContextAware {
        private ServletContext servletContext;
        public void setServletContext(ServletContext servletContext) {
            this.servletContext = servletContext;
        public SqlMapClient sqlMapClient(){
            SqlMapClientFactoryBean fb = new SqlMapClientFactoryBean();
            fb.setConfigLocation(new ServletContextResource(this.servletContext, "/WEB-INF/.../sqlmap-config.xml"));
            return sql.getObject();
        public DataSource dataSource() {
            return ...;
    Note that this situation would be much easier if you were not loading the sqlmap-config.xml as a servlet context resource. If, for example it were being loaded from the classpath, it would be as simple as saying

    new ClassPathResource("/path/to/sqlmap-config.xml");
    ServletContextResource is just by nature a little more involved as it has to interact with the servlet context directly.

    Hope that helps!


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      It worked

      Thank you!