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JavaConfig forum decommissioned in favor of Core Container

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key features of the Spring JavaConfig project have been migrated into the core Spring Framework as of version 3.0.

Please see the Spring 3.0 documentation on @Configuration and @Bean support:

For any questions related to @Configuration classes and @Bean methods in Spring 3.0, please post in the dedicated 'Core Container' forum at
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  • Recursion during bean creation

    It will take a bit of work to produce a standalone test for this, so I would like to describe it here first.

    JC is in the process of creating a bean and goes recursive. Here's the synopsis:

    - Way down the stack, "AbstractBeanFactory.getBean(String, Class)#line_168" is executing
    - "CglibConfigurationEnhancer.BeanMethodInterceptor. doIntercept#line_306" is inside the "if(factoryContainsBean(beanName))" if-block
    - "beanFactory.getBean(beanName)" is invoked, since JC sees that the bean creation is in progress
    - Now we go to "DefaultJavaConfigBeanFactory extends AbstractBeanFactory.getBean(String)#line 164"
    - which ultimately leads back to the first method listed above

    Because of some poor legacy code that I'm trying to work thru, I have lots of code that does not inject beans, but rather pulls them from a BeanFactory. In this case, a ClassPathXmlApplicationContext is created (which contains the JC context that I have just recently added) but only the result of "ClassPathXmlApplicationContext.getBeanFactory ()" is saved from which the application extracts its beans. Since this is very non-typical, it could well be an edge case for JC.

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    BTW, I can get around this recursion by changing bean creation from:

    - beanFactory.getBean(name, type)


    - TypeSafeBeanFactoryUtils.getBean((ListableBeanFact ory) beanFactory, type, name);


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      Certainly sounds like it may be an issue. I won't have much time to attempt to reproduce it myself this week (SpringOne Americas has got me plenty busy!). So, if you can put together a test case that reproduces the issue, please do so and attach it to a new JIRA issue. If you can get it that far, I should be able to carve some time out to give it a look in pretty short order.


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        I'll try to do that. But I have already made lots of simplifications and no longer hit the problem, so its not gonna be high on my priority list either.

        Have fun at SpringOne -- I'm gonna miss it this year.