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Is that possible to get osgi service reference without proxy? Page Title Module
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  • Is that possible to get osgi service reference without proxy?

    It's easy to get an OSGi service with following simple configuration:
    <reference id="asyncMessageService" interface=""/>

    While it always return a proxy to original bean or service exposed by other bundles. I am wondering is that possible to get original instance instead proxy?


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    Yes, you can by casting the proxy to a Spring DM interface. See the reference documentation:

    and the ImportedOsgiServiceProxy javadoc:


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      Hi Costin, first thanks for the reply.

      I tried following configuration:
      <reference id="myService" interface=""/>
      <bean id="serviceConsumer" class="MyServiceConsumerImpl">
        <property name="serviceReferenceField" ref="myService"/>                                      
        <property name="myServiceFiled" ref="myService"/>                                               
      I have bean exported as OSGi service from other bundle.

      My goal is to get the bean injected to serviceConsumer as myServiceFiled. Not the proxy created by Spring DM. I am not interested to get the raw ServiceReference.

      I don't like proxy for the service like cache interface, which could be invoked thousands times per second.

      Apologize if didn't make it clear at first place.

      However, I could get the raw service object by following code:
      ServiceReference nativeReference = ((ServiceReferenceProxy)serviceReference).getTargetServiceReference(); myServiceImpl= (;
      I want to know is it possible to inject raw instance by configuration instead of my code. Or it could be a feature for future.