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  • GWT or Wicket integration with Spring DM-MVC

    It's my first post here

    I need to develop a web app using (Spring MVC and GWT/Wicket) and deploy it on Equinox using Spring DM.
    I already have a simple Spring DM-MVC application running on Equinox framework. All I want to know is is there any way to integrate GWT or Wicket with Spring DM-MVC ?? Is there any links talking about these kinds of projects (Spring MVC+Spring DM+GWT/Wicket) ??
    I've done many researches, and didn't found what i look for.
    Thank you

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    You may not find the exact mixture you're looking for (Spring MVC+Spring DM+GWT/Wicket) but many resources exist on integrating Spring MVC and GWT.
    As you already have integrated everything else, it shouldn't be too hard

    Here are a few examples of Spring-GWT integration :


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      Hello, it's me again.
      I've spent lot of time on learning GWT. Finally (and unfortunately), I couldn't find a solution to build my designing structure (GWT+Spring DM-MVC)
      As I said before, I want to develop a web app using Spring MVC and an AJAX technology, and of course I must have all this running on OSGi framework (Equinox).
      Do you know which AJAX technology should be easily integrated with Spring DM-MVC?
      Thank you again!


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        I haven't used GWT myself but regarding Spring DM-MVC there is no such thing. Spring DM doesn't provide its own MVC framework, it just integrated with the one in Spring using an OSGi aware application context. You can just use that to bootstrap a Spring MVC application on top of which you can add the GWT. To make that work, you most likely need to add the GWT specific imports and that should be all.
        Unless you are being more specific, there isn't much to talk to at this point.


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          Oh, and by the way, consider using GWT with dm Server and see how it goes.


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            All I want is exploit GWT as AJAX technology. According to what I have understand, when I want to use GWT I should create a GWT project, I mean it's not like other AJAX technologies (Ext for example, we put a library and we simply use it). With GWT it's really different.
            I think I made a wrong choice, I will look for other solutions.
            Thank you again.


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              How you create your code differs from project to project but in the end you still have a set of libraries that interact with each other. Take a look at the Spring and GWT integration (there are some blogs on the SpringSource site as well) and then try to port that to OSGi.