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With the official first release of Eclipse Gemini Blueprint shipped, the migration of the Spring Dynamic Modules code base to the Eclipse Foundation, as part of the Gemini project, has been completed.

As such, this forum has been decommissioned in favour of the Eclipse Gemini forums.
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  • Issue with Spring Method interceptor

    I'm having an issue with using Spring interceptor in OSGI. I've a CXF service endpoint method which I'm trying a wrap with an interceptor to do some initialization. For some reason, the interceptor is not being invoked. Here's my spring entry:

    <jaxrs:server id="acadConnectServer" address="/rest/acadconnect3">
            <ref bean="acadConnectResource" />
    <bean id="acadConnectResource"
        class="com.test.connectchannel.service.AcadConnectChannelResource" />
    <bean		class="org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy.BeanNameAutoProxyCreator">
    		<property name="beanNames">
    			<list>				<value>com.test.connectchannel.service.AcadConnectChannelResource3</value>
    		<property name="interceptorNames">
    <bean id="methodPointCut"
        <property name="advice">
            <ref local="methodInterceptor" />
        <property name="mappedNames">
    <bean id="methodInterceptor"
    As you can see, I've a CXF endpoint class AcadConnectChannelResource which has couple of methods search and searchJSONp. I've created the Named Method Cut interceptor to intercept these two method calls and so some initialization using the custom intercetor class.But, everytime the methods are invoked, the interceptor is not being called.

    Not sure what I'm missing here, any pointer will be appreciated.