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  • OSGi dynamics. Update of backing service.

    Good day!
    Could you please explain the following feature of OSGi dynamic
    bundle support with spring-dm?
    My configuration is described below (Felix 3.2.2):

    g! lb
       ID|State      |Level|Name
        0|Active     |    0|System Bundle (3.2.2)
        1|Active     |    1|AOP Alliance API (1.0.0)
        2|Active     |    1|JBoss Logging SPI (2.0.5.GA)
        3|Active     |    1|SLF4J API (1.5.6)
        4|Resolved   |    1|SLF4J Log4J Binding (1.5.6)
        5|Active     |    1|SLF4J Jakarta Commons Logging Over SLF4J Binding (1.5.6)
        6|Active     |    1|log4j.osgi (1.2.15.SNAPSHOT)
        7|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Bundle Repository (1.6.2)
        8|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service (1.2.4)
        9|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Command (0.8.0)
       10|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Runtime (0.8.0)
       11|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Shell (0.8.0)
       12|Active     |    1|Spring AOP (3.0.0.RC1)
       13|Active     |    1|Spring ASM (3.0.0.RC1)
       14|Active     |    1|Spring Beans (3.0.0.RC1)
       15|Active     |    1|Spring Context (3.0.0.RC1)
       16|Active     |    1|Spring Core (3.0.0.RC1)
       17|Active     |    1|Spring Expression Language (3.0.0.RC1)
       18|Active     |    1|Spring Test (3.0.0.RC1)
       19|Active     |    1|spring-osgi-annotation (2.0.0.M1)
       20|Active     |    1|spring-osgi-core (2.0.0.M1)
       21|Active     |    1|spring-osgi-extender (2.0.0.M1)
       22|Active     |    1|spring-osgi-io (2.0.0.M1)
       23|Active     |    1|pa (0.0.0)
       24|Active     |    1|pb (0.0.0)
    where pa and pb are some custom bundles, with services and dependencies defined as:
    <osgi:service ref="s1" interface="pa.IServiceA"/>
        <osgi:reference id="s1" interface="pa.IServiceA" timeout="3000" availability="optional"/>
    After the bundle representing a back-end service (pa) has restarted,
    this back-end service becomes available to the bundle pb
    g! stop 23
    g! start 23
    g! inspect service requirement 24
    pb (24) requires services:
    Registering bundle = pa [23]
    Bundle-SymbolicName = pa
    Bundle-Version = 0.0.0
    objectClass = pa.IServiceA = s1
    osgi.service.blueprint.compname = s1 = 25
    2. However, updating pa makes back-end service unavailable to the pb bundle.
    g! update 23
    g! inspect service capability 23
    pa (23) provides services:
    Bundle-SymbolicName = pa
    Bundle-Version = 0.0.0
    objectClass = pa.IServiceA = s1
    osgi.service.blueprint.compname = s1 = 29
    g! inspect service requirement 24
    pb (24) requires services:
    <there is not such sevice>
    Trying to call this service from the pb bundle results in
    g! org.springframework.osgi.service.ServiceUnavailableException: service matching filter=[(objectClass=pa.IServiceA)] unavailable
    Is such behaviour expected? And how can I attain truly transparent dynamic service reloading, retaining availability of services not only after bundle restarts but also after bundle updates?
    Last edited by sinus; Jul 11th, 2011, 06:43 AM.

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    I think you can use:

    1. BundleContext to get service manually.

    2. Use Service registration and unregistration listener
    see (7.1.7. Service Registration And Unregistration Lifecycle)

    Try to refresh pb after updating pa. I think that pb has "old" references to pa.


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      >1, 2
      Sure, but in this case using of spring-dm become meaningless.